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For over 35 years, Bloom Biological, Inc. (BBI) has provided biological consulting services to large and small clients. Our resume of services includes raptor and endangered species research, biological monitoring, impact assessment and permitting, conservation planning and geospatial analysis. Our innovative approach to our work has provided solutions to complex problems for clients and projects throughout a range of industries including alternative energy, residential development and the public sector. Collectively, the management and staff of BBI hold permits or memoranda of understanding for participating in the conservation and recovery of more than a dozen endangered or threatened species, as well as numerous other special-status species, in California and the western United States. Over the years, BBI has established an impeccable relationship with the resource agencies, project proponents, and environmental organizations by skillfully balancing the needs and objectives of land planning, resource conservation, and the public interest. In addition to our work in southern California, BBI biologists have worked throughout the western United States, and in Alaska, Peru, Ecuador, Belize, Costa Rica, Sweden, India, Southeast Asia, and the western Pacific. BBI is a certified Small Business Enterprise.

We invite you to explore our website and learn more about who we are and what we do and download our Statement of Qualifications. If you are a skilled biologist and look forward to the opportunity to work with a dynamic group of people in a close-knit team atmosphere, please explore our Careers page and submit an application. If you are a potential client, BBI looks forward to the opportunity to discuss how we can integrate with your project team.

Feb 10
BBI Welcomes Robert Bates

Robert Bates joins the BBI team as a Senior Biologist and Director of Business Development. Among Mr. Bates’ many accomplishments during his 13-year tenure as an environmental consultant is his ability to manage large crews of biologists on major construction projects with inflexible deadlines while assuring that all construction activities remain within environmental compliance guidelines. In addition to his project management and construction monitoring experience, Mr. Bates is a professional ornithologist with special expertise in avian nesting biology and population dynamics, including the application of standard sampling techniques such as point counts, linear transects, and area searches. He is permitted by the USFWS to conduct surveys for the following threatened or endangered bird species: California Gnatcatcher, Least Bell's Vireo, and Southwestern Willow Flycatcher and is also an agency-approved Desert Tortoise biologist. Additionally, he has experience working with Bald Eagles, Golden Eagles, Swainson’s Hawks, raptor nest survey techniques, Badgers, Western Pond Turtles, and a variety of bats, fishes, invertebrates, and botanical resources, and is well versed in the various methodologies used in Brown-headed Cowbird and invasive plant control and the restoration of native habitats.

In addition, Mr. Bates brings to BBI eight years of experience serving the oil and gas industry and five years of experience managing large utility projects, while also serving municipalities, the housing industry, private landowners, federal agencies, and non-profit organizations.

His full profile can be viewed here.

Dec 20
Happy Holidays from BBI

Oct 07
BBI Wins Contract to Trap Golden Eagles in Oregon

BBI has won a contract with the US Bureau of Land Management to trap Golden Eagles (Aquila chrysaetos) in central Oregon. The goal of the work is to place provided backpack transmitters on adult eagles in locations requested by the government. The contract is for one year, with options for renewal. ​